Test Probe


Test Probe

Test Probe Introduction


Pogo pin connector/Socket is a special type, in coming years, pogo pin connector/Socket is applied on Electronics/Semiconductor Device however consumer and commercial of worldwide own brand company.

Such as Semiconductor test, N/B, Cell phone, Tablet PC, GPS and TV etc…, and because Microsoft Windows system-”surface”, It’s applied a Pogo pin connector/Socket to connect it’s Keyboard.

Test Probe Specification

General Specification

Target Module All Type(Male / Slide), All Package
Pitch Min 0.15Pitch
Material Customize Requirement
Plating Ni + Au(Hardened Coating / 0.5 ~ 3㎛)
Operating Temperature -45℃ ~ 150℃
Band width > 20GHz
Plunger Action Single or Double Acting
Life Time Over 100K (depend on test environment)
Plunger Shape Various Kind (up to customer requirement)
Contact Resistance Less than 80mOhm
Contact Force Customize Requirement

Product Inquiry

You can see in the future FineOhms

FineOhms always has developed alongside with customer and by customer, for customer, we promise to do our best to make customer’s sales increase

What is the Needs and Wants ?

– long life time – High quality product
– Higher yield to device test result
– Reduce to retest test rate(first Pass Yield improve under there test process)
– Cover to High speed device test with high frequency
– Make to high performance test process

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